This company is based on 3 fundamental rules: Low Prices, Wide Selection, and Outstanding Customer Service. Through the practice of these rules we have been able to serve customers well, and keep them coming back.

We have a full install location where we can accommodate any need your vehicle may have from muffler installs to full paint and body.

Low Prices:
Through constant monitoring of the import performance market place we have been successful in offering our customers with the best prices locally, and through mail order. We are up front with our prices, and have no hidden charges. If you find a better price elsewhere, let us know, and we will do our best to match, and in most cases, beat the competition.

Wide Selection:
Selection is important in acquiring new customers, and keeping the repeat customers. We want you to feel like you can get everything for your vehicle in our shop, and know that you will be getting the best prices too! We are #1 distributors for many of the most popular performance brands available including AEM, Tanabe, Greddy, Mugen and many more. In addition, we are constantly adding more products to our line card in order to provide the widest selection possible that our customers have come to expect. Come back often to see new products that we are offering.

Customer Service:
Customer service is our #1 priority. Without customer service, we feel that low prices and wide selection are meaningless. Our entire staff is at your service at all times whether it be by phone, or email. Please keep in contact with us for any reason, and as often as you like.

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